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February 16, 2012 / jcfhertzogblog

Differential Decision Making Inside The Human Brain. 2/16/12

The following is a response to the article “Searching the Brain for the Roots of Fear” by Joseph Ledoux, which originally appeared in the New York Times Opinion Section. The article talks about the differences between anxiety and fear in the brain. As stated, the differences in the human brain concludes the uncertainty of events happening in everyday life. In addition, the article concludes facts about how anxiety is emotional and fear can be as well. What may be the hardest to understand is the fact that some people have different levels of fear and anxiety, which means that for every person, the information can be different depending on how each individual feels about certain situations their lives throw at them. For example, some people may be scared during certain situations and others may be all right with what is going on. This agrees with and concludes in the article that everyone is different, and fear and anxiety is different for everybody in the world today.

What's Next?

Human anxiety is greatly amplified by our ability to imagine the future, and our place in it. Fear sparks danger and flips a switch in the brain. My anxiety is uncertain in my mind, while fear can be uncertain as well until an outcome comes about. Certain situations in life provide us humans with different opinions and outcomes. Different people mixed with different situations provide humans with different outcomes and opinions associated with fear and anxiety, which causes arguments, concludes uncertainty, and upsets people. In my opinion, the difference between anxiety and fear is understanding the future as well as the conclusion of the events taking place around you in everyday life. People may be the same, but for the most part everyone is different. Some people have thicker skin than others which concludes differences about situations. Everyone has their ups and downs and everybody takes arguments and problems differently then others. For example, some people are horribly afraid of heights and some don’t have any problem with heights. Everybody has different feelings as well as actions towards fear and anxiety.

This site states information regarding the topics talked about above.



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